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Handbag hangers - 4
Handbag hangers line of 4
Handbag hanger red rose
Handbag hanger white rose closed
Handbag hanger yellow rose
Handbag hanger black rose
Handbag hanger white rose
Handbag hanger black rose open
Handbag hanger yellow rose open
Handbag hanger red rose open
Handbag hanger - white rose
Handbag hanger - rose all 4
Handbag hanger - reverse
Handbag hanger side view

Handbag Hanger - Rose design

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Rose-shaped Handbag Hanger

Used for hanging bags on edges of tables and keeping from dirty floors. 

Stylish, fashionable and beautiful accessory to accessorize your bag or purse. 

Suitable for: 

  • Christmas gifts

  • Birthday presents

  • Mothers Day gift

  • Every day purchase 

  • Handbag protection from wear and tear

Comes packed in 12's with equal quantity of Red, Yellow, White and Black.

Purchases of less than 12 will receive a random colour.

Perfect profit opportunity for those selling gift items.